Podcast: Preventing a 'dirty Brexit'

20 April 2018

This episode is about Brexit – the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union.

We explore what the decision means for the environment, and for our network, with interviews with representatives of Friends of the Earth member groups in different constituent parts of the UK.

What does it mean for the environment? Kierra Box from FoE England, Wales and Northern Ireland talks about the threat to environmental safeguards and standards in areas like air pollution, waste, climate action. Friends of the Earth is working to stop "a dystopian Brexit scenario" in which environmental protections are lost or watered down.

What does it mean for Scotland specifically? Mary Church explains the situation for Scotland and some of the opportunities presented by Brexit. With the return of powers, the Scottish government is under pressure to show it is making good use of its powers – leading to some campaign wins.

And Northern lreland? James Orr from FoE Northern Ireland talks about how dirty industries are already taking advantage of the uncertainty and regulatory grey zone around the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. We need to work a lot more together to make sure environmental laws are respected.

Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland has since published new research which finds weaker environmental protections are likely post-Brexit than exist under EU law.

All future EU-UK relationship models carry risks for environment, it finds. UK waterways at very high risk and European nature could fare especially badly.

Read the report, 'UK environment policy post-Brexit' at: https://friendsoftheearth.uk/brexit/green-brexit-new-research-finds-weaker-environmental-protections-already-exist-under-eu-law