Friends of the Earth Flanders and Brussels

In 2014 Friends of the Earth Flanders & Brussels and Climaxi decided to become one organisation after working together for more than three years. The organisation became: Climaxi, a member of Friends of the Earth Europe and Friends of the Earth International.

Climaxi took over the activities of Friends of the Earth in Flanders and Brussels. The organisation works around climate and social justice. Climaxi supports local communities in their struggle against environmental damage, social and economic injustice.


- Worked successfully together with a local group in Limburg and stopped the plans for coalbed methane exploration.

- Demands the closing down of the nuclear power plants.

- Supports the local fishermen at the Belgian coast.

- Mobilises supporters to protect the climate by collecting climate demands of thousands of people.

- Organises an annual 'greenwash' conference, with a 'greenwash' award for the company that presents itself as very green and fair without changing its harmful practices.

Climaxi has also made several documentaries:

- Sustainable on paper (2011): The film documents why many FSC certified tree plantations are controversial. Despite the FSC certificate, communities surrounded by thousands of hectares of eucalyptus speak of dropping water levels and water sources polluted by pesticides.

- Fish and Run I and II (2011 and 2013): A documentary about sustainable fishing and the community of fishermen. The second film documents the difficulties for the fishermen to survive because of the low prices they get.

Climaxi has different publications on several topics: FSC, mobility, energy poverty and coalbed methane. We have working groups on many of these topics and we also have some local groups.

Climaxi is one of the 23 member groups that are involved in the School of Sustainability project.


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