Friends of the Earth Cyprus

Friends of the Earth Cyprus is a non-governmental, non-political  non-profit environmental organisation with approximately 300 members – quite a success considering Cyprus' small size. The head office is in Limassol, with members from all over Cyprus.

The group campaigns on a number of important issues such as aluminium and paper recycling, agro-tourism, Sustainable Europe, sustainable tourism, packaging, unleaded petrol, architectural heritage, banning of spring hunting  and air travel.

Every year, an annual general meeting takes place and a new Council (President, Secretary, Treasurer and three members) is elected. Meetings are held twice a month and are open to all members. 

Publications, which are bilingual (Greek/English) include the quarterly newsletter Link and magazine Earthlines, which is released biannually. In recent years, Friends of the Earth Cyprus has campaigned around recycling issues, which in Cyprus lag far behind  those of most European countries. They work with local authorities and on public awareness raising to realise campaign goals.

 Friends of the Earth Cyprus are involved in issues through the Mediterranean Network (Mednet). Their voice is also heard on local issues, such as preserving the Akamas peninsula in the north-west of Cyprus, an unspoiled wilderness area with unique fauna and flora. Environmentalists are campaigning for it to be declared a national park, despite huge opposition from developers and others.

A new long-term project is  an ecological workshop, which aims to bring education directly to elementary and secondary school pupils. Friends of the Earth Cyprus believes  educating  adults by itself is not enough; that there is a need to start  from the classroom, working our way up into other levels of society.

Education, research, campaigning, lobbying: are the methods used by Friends of the Earth Cyprus to  make a change in society.

Friends of the Earth Cyprus is one of the 23 member groups that are involved in the School of Sustainability project.


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