Join The Energy Revolution

In 2016 we need people power more than ever.

Across Europe people are already taking on governments and corporations which promote dirty energy. And people are winning.

In 2016 Friends of the Earth will be working with people across Europe and beyond to end fossil fuels and dirty energy. We’ll be working with more communities to realise community-owned renewable power across Europe. Join us.

People Get Things Done

Across Europe people are fighting for an energy transformation. Change doesn’t happen overnight, or even during two weeks of intensive climate talks. Now governments and polluters have to catch-up and get us off fossil fuels fast. People power can make them.


The outcomes of the Paris climate summit fall short of what is needed to solve the climate crisis. Now people are more determined than ever to pressure governments to speed-up Europe’s energy transformation.

In 2016, Friends of the Earth will be working with more people to demand:

  • Fossil Free Energy 
  • No to nuclear!
  • Stop wasting energy! 
  • Yes to community power!
  • Divest now!
  • Decent green jobs!

Join us