On the inside: how the gas industry infiltrates EU decision-making on energy

7 July 2020

A critical flaw in the design of an EU law on energy infrastructure has helped the fossil fuel industry pocket over €1 billion in EU taxpayer funds for gas projects, according to new analysis from Friends of the Earth Europe and Food & Water Action Europe.

At least 60% of all European Commission funds allocated to develop gas infrastructure have been pocketed by projects connected only to the 12-strong board of the advisory body ENTSO-G (The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas) - based on the advice of the body. The privileged role of ENTSO-G, whose members have ties to major gas and oil companies such as Engie, Enagas and OMV, in decision-making on energy policy has benefitted fossil fuels, not the 'common interest' of Europeans or the planet.

The European Commission has announced it revise the TEN-E regulation to bring it in line with the goals of the EU Green Deal. Food & Water Action Europe and Friends of the Earth Europe call on EU lawmakers to replace ENTSO-G with a fully transparent, independent advisory body free from all fossil fuel interests.