24 February 2017

This report shows that the European Parliament's inquiry into 'Dieselgate' has revealed problems with emission tests far beyond Volkswagen's use of illegal defeat devices. It exposes a culture of looking the other way: the European Commission and Member States turned a blind-eye to industry-wide abuse of the system for emission regulation, and, in fact, even invited the car industry to shape the regulatory agenda and its enforcement. As a result, cities across the European Union are left choking, as toxic traffic fumes have led to an air pollution crisis.

18 May 2016

The revised Circular Economy Package, published in December 2015, became a victim of the so-called better regulation agenda of the European Commission. Under the pressure of business lobby groups, it was transformed from a proposal having, primarily, a sustainability approach, recognising resource scarcity and planetary limits, into a proposal geared around economic and short term considerations.

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