17 July 2017

At the global level, land-grabs and deforestation, and the human rights violations, abuses, and corruption that facilitate them, are a major threat to the lives of communities. Land-grabs and deforestation often accompany the development of large-scale agriculture, extractive, infrastructure and other projects. These projects are receiving monies from powerful financial institutions – many of which are based in the European Union.

6 June 2017

This joint report from Friends of the Earth Europe, Global Witness, Action Aid and WWF is a call for action to ensure strong regulation of the financial sector to avoid environmental, social and governance risk.

6 July 2016

After the European Parliament hearing of European Commission Vice-President Dombrovskis after the transfer of the financial services to his remit, Friends of the Earth Europe, Global Witness, ActionAid, WWF, Rainforest Action Network, ShareAction, FERN, SOMO and E3G all call for urgent reform of the financial sector away from deregulation and towards genuine sustainability.

1 February 2016

This briefing paper says that Europe needs to toughen-up its regulations for how investors deal with environmental and social risks. It is based on the joint submission by Global Witness and Friends of the Earth Europe, on 31st January 2016, in response to the European Commission's call for evidence on the EU regulatory framework for financial services

8 December 2015

A large number of forest fires have been discovered on Indonesian plantations owned by global palm oil companies Bumitama and Wilmar International. Despite new evidence that both companies violate their own ‘no deforestation’ policies, this report says major U.S. and European investors have not taken significant steps to address these problems.

12 January 2012

This report analyses the activities of 29 European banks, pension funds and insurance companies, including Deutsche Bank, Barclays, RBS, Allianz, BNP Paribas, AXA, HSBC, Generali, Allianz, Unicredit and Credit Agricole. It reveals the significant involvement of these financial institutions in food speculation, and the direct or indirect financing of land grabbing.

1 March 2011

A report setting out constructive arguments for the EU incorporating social and environmental criteria in the new standards brought about through Basel III. The report explores the impacts of the standards on banks’ risk management, decision making processes and financial stability and looks at how the regulation can stimulate the financial sector to contribute to a more ecologically and socially sustainable, economically just and peaceful world.

1 March 2011

A report looking at the role Banks and other financial institutions play in allocating financial resources, drawing importance on banks actively assessing and managing their impact on social and environmental sustainability in order to serve, rather than harm the public interest.





1 November 2009

The vast majority of financial ‘experts’ advising the European Commission represent the banks and investors responsible for the global economic crisis, according to this report published by the Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation (ALTER EU).