Friends of the Earth Luxembourg

Lively, enthusiastic, critical, creative, and active are some of the key words which represent the members of Friends of the Earth Luxembourg. Started in 1968 by a group of young environmentally concerned people, today’s members and friends continue to fight for the protection of nature and environment, as well as for a better quality of life and democracy.

The organisation has more than 3,300 members, and most campaigning is carried out by volunteers. Providing consumer advice and awareness- raising on environmental problems and laws is a core activity of their work. Their ‘ecological centre’ has a library with over 5,000 books on environmental subjects and their foundation ‘Oeko-Fonds’ organises an environmental fair ‘Oeko-Foire’ every year which attracts more than 14,000 people

Mouvement Ecologique asbl/OekoZenter Lëtzebuerg
6, rue Vauban,
L-2663 Luxembourg


Tel: +352 439 030 1

Fax: +352 439 030 43

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