Friends of the Earth Malta

Friends of the Earth Malta has been active in the environmental field since 1985. The group was first set up as an umbrella organisation with representatives from various youth and environment groups, but they soon developed into a committee of activists. The organisation is guided by strong sustainability principles, informed by deep ecological values. The group has mobilised on the issues of land use, energy, pollution, and waste and has been successful in opposing many of the major developments which threatened Malta's countryside and coast. This work is supplemented by educational activities and reports on diverse environmental problems. Since 1994 the organisation has put the threats posed by tourism to the Maltese islands on the public agenda and has organised conferences, workshops, and meetings with those involved – in order to achieve higher environmental standards. The group also participated in the Sustainable Europe campaign and lobbied for more equitable and sustainable consumption targets in Malta.

Friends of the Earth Malta is one of the 23 member groups that are involved in the School of Sustainability project.


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