Land It is vital Europe takes urgent action to measure and reduce its use of the world’s limited land

27 July 2016

Europe is becoming increasingly dependent on farm land beyond its borders, creating inequalities and threatening both the environment and rural communities, according to a new report released today by Friends of the Earth Europe.

8 December 2015

A large number of forest fires have been discovered on Indonesian plantations owned by global palm oil companies Bumitama and Wilmar International. Despite new evidence that both companies violate their own ‘no deforestation’ policies, major U.S. and European investors have not taken significant steps to address these problems, according to a new report released today.

Europe's land footprint is one of the largest in the world because it imports massive amounts of food and other goods from the rest of the world every year. These goods, such as meat, dairy and forestry products, require large areas of land.


Europe's high levels of land consumption drive land-grabs, push up food prices and exacerbate social inequalities, with devastating social and environmental impacts. Friends of the Earth Europe campaigns for the reduction of Europe's land footprint.

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