Friends of the Earth Norway

Friends of the Earth Norway was founded in 1914 and is Norway's largest environmental conservation organisation with a total of about 28,000 members. This includes the independent youth organisation Nature & Youth/Natur og Ungdom and the independent children's club, The Eco-Agents/Miljøagentene.

Friends of the Earth Norway has branches in all counties, and more than one hundred local groups scattered throughout Norway. All members can participate in the decision-making process through their local and county branches and the general meeting every two years. They believe that public participation is necessary to save the environment. Awareness-raising is high on the organisation's agenda aiming to strengthen public environmental awareness, concern and practice.

Friends of the Earth Norway works on a whole range of important environmental issues and works to react quickly to new challenges and focus on new relevant issues as they occur. They have a staff team of about 20 based in Oslo, who work closely with groups and many volunteers all over the country.

Friends of the Earth Norway issues on publications: ‘Natur & Miljø’/Nature & Environment to all members two times a year.

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