Come and be part of the energy revolution

1 November 2013

You are invited to be part of the 'people's windmill' on this Thursday 7th November from 12:30-14:00 on the esplanade outside the European Parliament in Brussels.

We'll be working together to form a giant windmill image to show that people should be at the centre of renewable energy.

Clean, community-owned energy already exists and is a real solution to climate change. But it needs more momentum and political support. We'll be telling our decision-makers to put people and communities at the heart of a clean energy future.

Please register for the event here

Community energy is alive in many different forms, from solar villages in Spain to community-controlled wind turbines in Scotland. All across Europe an emerging movement of people is getting involved in energy democracy. But community energy needs political support to fulfil its potential.

This event is part of the Reclaim Power Global Month of Action on Energy in which people are calling for an end to dirty fossil fuels and a clean energy future. The first week of November will focus on actions to support community energy.

We will be working together to form the 'people's windmill' to show the clean, community-owned energy future we need. Putting communities at the heart of Europe's energy systems will help ensure widespread support for renewable energy on the scale needed to combat climate change. Local authorities have a role to play in the new energy system which everyone can be part of.

There will be warm drinks, music and a great atmosphere. This exciting event will be filmed and photographed to help spread the message of community energy.

We are keen to know how many people will be there, so we know how big we can make the windmill, so please register.  

Let's bring community energy to life.



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