1 June 2006

More than 300 pollutants in breast milk - Time for a new chemicals policy.

1 May 2006

Do EU consultation practices and codes of conduct for decision makers and lobbyists contribute to transparency and ethical decision making?
An analysis.

10 March 2006

Map of 22 controversial projects in the new member states from CEE Bankwatch Network and Friends of the Earth Europe.

Look at the interactive version of the map

Read the press release (10 March 2006)

1 March 2006

Proceedings of the conference organised by Friends of the Earth Europe, Women in Development Europe with the support of the Heinrich B�ll Foundation and the European Parliament's Intergroup on Globalisation - Brussels, 09 November 2005.

1 March 2006

Proposals from Environmental Organisations for a realistic and ambitious Sustainable Development Strategy - to be adopted by the June 2006 European Summit.
A publication from the Green 10.

1 February 2006

Information from the Biotechnology Programme of Friends of the Earth Europe.

1 January 2006

Who benefits from GM crops? Monsanto and the corporate-driven genetically modified crop revolution - a report by Friends of the Earth International

1 December 2005

Key recommendations for the 6th WTO Ministerial Conference by Friends of the Earth International.