School of Sustainability

From 2015 to 2018, Friends of the Earth Europe has been running the global development education and awareness-raising project “School of Sustainability” in 21 countries across Europe. This is part of strengthening our international spirit of solidarity with 75 member groups of Friends of the Earth International, allies, and those directly impacted by environmental and social injustices.

The project has developed the capacities of 32,546 people, from hundreds of communities across Europe, to take action for environmental and social justice, using innovative people-centred and transformative educational approaches, including popular education, theatre, arts and learning-by-doing.

School of Sustainability activities included solidarity and integration work with refugees and migrants in Croatia, Sweden and Malta; actions & civil society meetings as responses to calls for solidarity with human rights defenders like Berta Cáceres all over Europe; European-level trainings on facilitation, unpacking power and privilege and theatre of the oppressed; cooking classes and food workshops in Hungary and Bulgaria; gardening and well-being workshops in Denmark; film festivals and debates e.g. on food sovereignty, degrowth, among others; practical solar energy workshops, and youth camps across Europe – all with the aim of linking system change and global issues to concerns close to home. It was also the foundation of network-wide mobilisation towards the climate talks in Paris. Our People. Power. Action. in Paris was the largest School of Sustainability event in Europe – bringing over 3,000 activists from across the Friends of the Earth federation. 

The project in numbers

  • 23 project partners, including national FoE member organisations across Europe, Young FoE Europe and FoE International;
  • 40 training sessions and webinars at European level on popular education, training for trainers, working with affected communities and communities in resistance, mobilising and organising, as well as many environmental and social justice topics;
  • 1,462 local and national level activities that reached 31,549 people in 19 member states (MS) (including 16,266 in EU13 member states, 20,234 young people, 19,092 engaged and active citizens who are not directly linked to CSOs,  and 19,962 people from communities directly impacted by social, economic and environmental injustice), using the techniques and insights gained in the European training sessions, and based on work with allies;
  • At least 10,5 million people were reached through broad outreach activities, including street stalls, demonstrations, community organising, festivals and mass mobilisation at events including the COP21 climate conference in Paris;
  • More than 30 calls for solidarity actions supported, including for Human Rights Defenders, and people defending their territories and collective rights in countries around the world;
  • More than 112 tools, case studies, curriculum modules and other resources collected online during the project:


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