Energy savings The cheapest, cleanest, safest energy is the energy we don’t actually need

2 November 2020

Friends of the Earth Austria/GLOBAL 2000 have filed an EU complaint against their government today for an inadequate and illegal plan on building renovations and energy efficiency. Austria’s long-term renovation strategy is inadequate, harms energy poverty and carbon reduction efforts, says the group.

EU minimum standards for buildings must also apply in Austria so that energy efficient renovation and climate-friendly buildings can create thousands of jobs.

14 October 2020

‘Flagship’ EU plans to kickstart large-scale building renovations and energy poverty action, unveiled today by the European Commission, are a step in the right direction, says Friends of the Earth Europe.

Our current energy system is deeply wasteful, and this is holding back the transition to a fossil-free world. Using less energy is the easiest and fastest way to cut CO2 emissions, fossil fuel imports, and energy bills.

With up to 1 in 4 Europeans today living in energy poverty, energy efficiency also helps make homes more affordable to heat, cool and light. This is why Friends of the Earth Europe is campaigning for ambitious energy savings action from governments and the EU.

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